1. Board of Supervisors

    Read about the Board of Supervisors.

  2. Conditional Use Application

    In specific cases, some uses may not be granted by Variance or Special Exception, but by Conditional Use approval given by the Board of Supervisors. Please refer to the Rapho Township Zoning Ordinance, Article 3 – Base Zones. Information may be found in the Tables located within this section with regard to possible uses of property located within the various zoning districts of Rapho Township. The letters “CU” denote Conditional Use approval, which may be given by the Board of Supervisors only.

  3. Ordinances

    Ordinances of Rapho Township

  4. Employment

  5. Consultants

    A list of consultants to Rapho Township

  6. Planning & Zoning

    Read about the Planning and Zoning Departments.

  7. Township Office & Departments

    Look through the information available about the Township Office and the departments that make up Rapho's government.