Voting Districts

Rapho Township has five (5) voting districts they are Elm Tree, Elm Tree II, Sporting Hill, Union Square and Willow Creek.  Polling Places for the districts are: Elm Tree I, Elm Tree II, Sporting Hill, Union Square and Willow Creek. Voter Registration forms are available at the Township office.  If you have any questions regarding voting contact the Voter Registration office at : Voter Registration 717-299-8293.

Designated Polling Places:

Voting District           Polling Place

Elm Tree I                 E. Fairview Church of the Brethren

                                 1187 Fairview Rd.

                                  Manheim, PA 17545

 Elm Tree II                 Deer Country Farm and Lawn

                                   2710 Mount Joy Road

                                   Manheim, PA 17545

 Sporting Hill               Rapho Township Municipal Building

                                   971 N. Colebrook Rd.

                                   Manheim, PA 17545

Union Square             Mastersonville Fire Co.

                                   2166 Meadow View Rd.

                                   Manheim, PA 17545

Willow Creek              Chiques United Methodist Church

                                  1215 E. Main Street

                                   Mount Joy, PA 17552